Adel's secret Diary (Hazelmere School Colchester)

Adel has written her journey during winter break. She studies in Hazelmere Junior School Colchester, The United Kingdom.

Today I woke up then I walk to the living room next I play Lego in the living room. Then I have to wait, the reason that I have to wait is that my mum had to give me some milks. I always drink my milk by glass and I drink by straw. I drink my milk very fast because I remember that we are going somewhere that I never been before. After  finished my milk I take my clothes of and take a shower.

Next I put my clothes on. When I finish putting my clothes on, I walk to the living room and wait for my breakfast. Then my breakfast was ready. I was surprised because I like my breakfast and it was fried chicken with rice. I am sure that you don’t like it but I do because it is Indonesian food and I am one of those people. When I finish eating I put my drink on the kitchen table. Because there was some water inside my glass, and the water was cold. Next my drink was ready so I drink then we are going to live.

We are not walking we are ride by car. First we go to Leeds, and it was a hotel. I was surprised, because I like the new bed. We stayed in Leeds in one day. Then we go to Manchester. It is VERY EXTREMELY BIG. IT got big beds to. I like it too. Next we go to Chesire Oaks. It wasn’t a hotel, this time it was a place where we can play, shopping, eat. There was a climbing playground to, I like it. It was awesome, but now it time for shopping. There are lots of shopping bags so that mean I’ve been shopping lot of time. I see a big Christmas tree, and there are only light bobs for the decorations on the Christmas tree.


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