My Boy's story : An Unexpected Goodbye - Chapter 2

Tulisan ini adalah cerita tentang kenangan dia ketika saya pergi untuk studi lanjut ke UK, sebelum anak-anak ikut pindah dan bersekolah di wilayah Colchester, UK

Oya, silahkan baca tulisan Chapter 1-nya disini : Unexpected Goodbye  - chapter 1

Nottingham City - liburan akhir tahun 2015

After I let what she just said sink into my little brain - and only after she said that I panicked and thought:

'What if the country that I'm about to enter would be so different that I wouldn't be able to adapt at all? What if everyone there spoke English (duh!) and I was the only one that couldn't speak English, and what if I couldn't make a single friend there?' The thought of leaving my close childhood friends from my SDIT (primary school) behind and not being able to communicate with them again (EVER!) filled my mind. And as a result, I started crying.

It wasn't long before people in my school received news about me leaving them. My teachers were very sad, and my close friends did not want me leaving SDIT Annida. Before school I would arrive a good 30 minutes early so I could play basketball, football or other kinds of minigames with my friends.

After school, my classmate, who lived very close to the school, often invites me and a few others to play his own Sony PS2 console while waiting for our parents. He had a collection of games in the 'fighting' genre, which we all liked.

Those three years in my primary school were what I called the good old days. I missed it very much, even now.

A few days later, my mum was ready to go to the UK. My little sister and I said our goodbyes as we watched her dragging a large suitcase on the Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta. I knew that it was going to be my turn to fly to the unknown other side of the world, one year later.


The End


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